Welcome to Signature's news page showing highlights of our models and actors work.


27th September 2016
Well done Louis A and Nevin A who were booked for a well known soap series. More will be revealed in the coming months.


25th September 2016
Well done Curtis C and Abbie M who were booked as interviewers for a celeb red carpet event on behalf of Beano. Check it out here.

Olly Murs

17th September 2016
Cailean O and Aiden R were booked to do the music video with Olly Murs. They had a fantastic day and got to meet the man himeself, We cant wait to see the video and share the pictures when released. Check it out here.


10th August 2016
Well done Thalia C, who was confirmed for the Sainsbury's Halloween commercial. Coming to your screens soon.


8th August 2016
Well done to Garvey M and Esmae F who were booked for the NatWest TV Commercial and Stills shoot.


28th July 2016
Well done Hendrix L, who was confirmed for the NEXT Autumn/Winter shoot.


25th July 2016
Well done Skylar-Louise M who was confirmed for the Burberry shoot.