Jargon Buster

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Here's a jargon buster for some of the terms you might hear or see:

  • Casting – When your child has been picked by the client and they wish to meet them, you will be asked to fill out a form with your child and agency details, then your child is invited into a room where they will take some shots or do some filming of them. They usually take about 5 -10 minutes but on occasions you may have to wait around a short time.
  • Optioned/Penciled – When your child has been shortlisted for a job.
  • Recall – When the client would like to see your child again, to decide from a shortlist who they would like for the job. There is usually payment for this but it can depend on the brief.
  • Wardrobe – This is when your child will go to be fitted for the clothes they will wear for the job – again there is usually a fee for this but it can depend on the brief.
  • Confirmed – This means that your child has definitely got the job.
  • Call time – This is the time that your child is expected to arrive at the job.
  • Basic shoot fee (BSF) – This is what their daily rate is. It can be for a day or per hour – rates vary depending on the client and most are dictated by them as well.
  • Buyout (BO) – This is the usage rights fee for your child if they are featured in the final cut of the commercial. It is occasionally used for promotional work but not often.
  • Back Up – When the model is confirmed as a back up to the featured model. The secondary model is on stand by and may not be used.
  • Self Tape – A video of a model/actor containing specific details from the client.