Welcome to Signature, Model and Acting Agency. We represent some of the most successful child models in the industry. With a diverse range of boys and girls aged between 0 - 21 years, we are able to fulfil the requirements of this fast paced industry for jobs including photographic, fashion, commercial, TV, film and more...

We have been established for a number of years and take great pride in the close relationships we have built with our clients, parents and models. Signature consists of a management team who have extensive experience in all fields within the industry.

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Girls 10-11yrs who can do a American accent submitted for a toy commercial #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less


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Michelle Amanda

Yep two who used to live there 9/11 years old

How do apply thanks ?

Boys 10-12yrs submitted for a toy brand commercial shooting overseas #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less


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Sohana jhanji can

Siobhán Synthyllia


Well done to Jessica J pencilled for the phone brand commercial #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

16yrs Middle Eastern/Egyptian to play down to 15 Submitted for TV Medical drama #teenactor #tv #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Kids 6-9yrs submitted for a charity commercial #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Good luck to Alfie H and Matthew W casting for the toy commercial shooting in Denmark #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Chinese, African American,Asian,Indian boys 11 and Caucasian tomboy girls 11 who can do a good American accent Submitted for a construction toy commercial #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Girls 11-13yrs based in the #North submitted for roles in an oil company commercial #childsctor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Signature Model & Acting Agency

A photographer we work with is looking for dancing kids. Please send video to email
On picture #teamsignature #streetdancers #hiphop
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To Everyone who applied this is now closed. The photographer will be in touch if they request your child.

This is now full, thanks for all submissions

I’ve sent Amias videos over x

This email address doesn't seem to be active

I’ve sent an email to you approx 4days ago and not received a reply? Could you check please.

Adam Kerr xxxx

Natalie Marneffe Jessie Smullenberghs

Samantha Fisher

Ronnie Tully Macaela Hayward

Courtney Lovelock-Scantlebury

Tracey Taylor

Sadaf Shah

Gemma Shaddick

Anna Jordan

Kate Yau x

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Kids 8-12yrs and boys 5yrs submitted for a manufacturing company commercial #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less


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Holly w ?

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We are a family based agency, who deal with all our child models, parents and clients on first name terms. Our down to earth, professional approach has earned the loyalty of our models and parents who are always valued. Please apply today, to see if you have what it takes to be part of the Signature family.

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