Welcome to Signature, Model and Acting Agency. We represent some of the most successful child models in the industry. With a diverse range of boys and girls aged between 0 - 21 years, we are able to fulfil the requirements of this fast paced industry for jobs including photographic, fashion, commercial, TV, film and more...

We have been established for a number of years and take great pride in the close relationships we have built with our clients, parents and models. Signature consists of a management team who have extensive experience in all fields within the industry.

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It has come to our attention that people are of the impression that we are associated with The Blue Rooms or UK Models.
To confirm this is NOT the case.

Thank you,
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Non of this named scammers signature its a purely friendly hard working professional 💯💯

signature model & acting agency we have been lucky enough to have found them first and dont regret our journey with them ..

I can 💯 back this up, I'm a mother with 3 children on this agency. Signature Model & Acting Agency have been a fantastic agency, professional and thorough with everything since we've been with them. It's so sad to see people associate such evil organisations with signature. My advice would be, to do your research with every agency you are approached by or research and read online reviews. Sadly alot of companies seem amazing until they start taking large amounts of money from your account.

This is your children's future, don't allow people to manipulate you into things without full information. Don't ever be embarrassed to ask questions, many of these scammers choose vulnerable famalies that have no idea about the industry.

Never ever pay thousands upfront for a photoshoot, you do not need a portfolio to be with an agency. Just simple head shots that should cost no more then £130 roughly for 6 shots.

It seriously sickens me that companies like this carry on, they are actually the same company that use various names.

I've been a victim once and would never wish this upon anyone. Luckily I cancelled my card before more money came out.

Thank god we were scammed by them before joining with you....

Drag artists #submitted for a #documentary @SpotlightUK @SignatureMdls #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less


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Do you need any more? Grace has a friend at school who’s around 16, who already performs in drag and his big ambition is to be on Ru Paul’s Drag Race x

Men 20's #submitted for a #musicvideo @SignatureMdls #teamsignature #agency ... See MoreSee Less

Good luck to Jayden D-A #casting for a #role in a Major #TV #Series @SignatureMdls #teamsignature #actor #miniactor #actingagency ... See MoreSee Less

Good luck to Ariyana & Harrison W #selftaping for an online #campaign @SignatureMdls #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Men 20's #submitted for a App #commercial @SignatureMdls #teamsignature #agents #agency ... See MoreSee Less

Exciting things being planned, lots of workshops dates coming 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Exciting things being planned, lots of workshops dates coming :)

Filipino/Malay/Thai girls 16-24yrs #submitted for a #role in a #featurefilm @SignatureMdls #teamsignature #actor #agency ... See MoreSee Less

Children age 4yrs #submitted for a boutique co #Onlinevideo @SignatureMdls #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Boys 7 - 9 and girls 10 - 12 submitted for a TV series #spotlight #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

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We are a family based agency, who deal with all our child models, parents and clients on first name terms. Our down to earth, professional approach has earned the loyalty of our models and parents who are always valued. Please apply today, to see if you have what it takes to be part of the Signature family.

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