Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered…

We need to meet all shortlisted applicants over the age of 3 years who wish to become part of our agency. It is important that we understand the full capabilities of all applicants. Our clients often ask us for specific information relating to confidence, accents, dialogs, taking direction, behaviours etc., and we will need to confidently respond based on our observation during the assessment. Placing the right person against the job at hand is imperative to the successful management of our models/actors.
There is no registration fee for a model/actor to join our agency. However, upon the successful acceptance, the annual cost for a secure website profile page is charged at £50 incl. VAT. This includes maintaining your page and regularly updating photos, videos and your details throughout the year. This facility will also offer our clients and agents a fully searchable profile needed for our super-fast submission process which will help secure castings and jobs all year round.
We charge 25% commission on all fees (excl. travel expenses). This is relatively low compared to the industry standard. We feel it is important to be financially fair to families and, of course, to the clients who book them.
Signature operate on a sole agency basis only. This will enhance the profile of our children and young adults, by avoiding the confusion of multiple agencies. This is the preferred option for our clients and avoids unnecessary clashes. In addition, we can personalise our approach to offer more opportunities. To achieve this we will personally meet successful new applicants, to ensure we can confidently promote them into the most appropriate jobs. Regarding licences, we can provide the relevant information to the local council on behalf of the parent, including the legal requirement to list all previous jobs in the last 12 months. This can only be efficiently achieved as a sole agent.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee work. However, we have a team of specialist bookers who work very hard to secure work for all our models and actors where appropriate. We have an excellent track record and have secured work with some of the major brands and some of the most respected names in TV & Film productions.
After acceptance, you will be registered on our system and submitted for all appropriate briefs where you meet the criteria required. When our clients wish to see you for a casting, we will contact you by telephone or email. Although we usually work to short notice periods, we will endeavor to inform you as soon as the request is received. In order for our team to maintain its efficiency, we will not contact all our models/actors after every submission as this would take up an enormous amount of valuable time during the working day. All models/actors will be fully represented by us including submissions, auditions, confirmations, invoicing and payments.
It is crucial to the success of this relationship, that all models and actors keep us informed of any unavailability dates to attend castings and jobs. It is imperative that we are kept informed in good time. If you are not booked out, we will automatically submit you for all matching briefs. A great deal of work goes into sourcing opportunities for all our models/actors, and therefore there must be a joint effort to ensure you are available for all casting submissions where you are listed as ‘available’.
After you have fully completed the job, the we will invoice the client for payment within a period of 10 days. However, experience has showed that some client payments may be delayed by up 120 days. We will keep track of all outstanding payments and ensure you are paid as soon as the client has made full payment to us. Please note, all monies paid will be by direct bank transfer to the model/actor only, not parent. It is vital that if you are a parent, that you start an account in the child’s name on acceptance of your application.