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We have been established for a number of years and take great pride in the close relationships we have built with our clients, parents and models, making us one of the best child agencies in the UK. Signature consists of a management team who have extensive experience in all fields within the industry.

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Has your child gone back to school today? Or are you choosing not to send them?. ... See MoreSee Less


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Chosen not to send them, over 3 months since lockdown for us. Although schools have been open for us since day 1 due to being a Keyworker we simply decided to keep them home as the virus is new and haven't got much information about it. Remember Whatever you decide is best, only you know about your situation. Please don't allow anyone to dictate your decisions or make your feel awful. You're all super Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

My little boy hasn’t gone back yet, personally I feel it’s too soon but it’s so hard to figure out at the moment what is the right thing and what is the ring thing to do!x

My boys have been going to school throughout lockdown as my partner and I are keyworkers x

Twins not back at school as they are in Year 2. However, some of their friends (whose parents are key workers) have gone back. We will monitor the situation. Personally, we would like Ellie & Dylan to return as soon as possible. See if Govt allows them back before end of month.

It's a tough decision for parents. No right or wrong answer.

No Ruby’s school not open till September they closed down in March , so even tho I’m an essential key worker at the minute I chose to keep her home , so homeschooling has been goin really well ! So proud of her as she has been amazing 🌟💖 , hope everyone’s doing ok xx

My littlest is due back to reception on the 15th, no date as yet for our 9 year old in year 5 but I’m sending mine, there’s no right or wrong choice but I feel we need to try to start learning a new normal and get a bit of structure back so that’s my reasons for choosing x

Isaiah hasn’t gone back to school. He’s still been homeschooled. Different choices for every family. Any decisions made should be respected. Just stay safe everyone x

It is madness to send kids back to school when our own chief health advisor to Sage disagrees with the next phase of sending kids back to school.

Yesterday, the whole of Europe had double figure deaths under 100 whilst UK had over 200 deaths. Go figure

It’s only certain years, so for Ellie there is no school, I haven’t sent the child that could go bk

Our school re open tomorrow for Y1 only and I’m sending Amelia back to school 🙂

Mine went back, school has been fantastic and the kids were excited to go xx


No its too early im still looking after patients with this virus not worth it x

Isabella goes in 2 days a week as key workers

Our school hasn't given a date to open, but we said no to a place

Nope, not even our headteacher supports gov decision, will not risk while numbers are still high .

My 5 are not going back till September at the earliest

My daughter has gone back x

Im in school and my daughter has had to come in with me 😬

She’s gone back ❤️

Mine isn’t due back until the 15th

No we haven’t sent Oliver and India back.

No we’re still at home no site of going back before September so plenty of time for castings and jobs😜

Mine aren’t due back yet x

No. Way to soon to even contemplate that

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Let’s Signature the lockdown with Jason C showing us his football skills #letssignaturethelockdown #makeussmile #childactor ... See MoreSee Less


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👏🏻👏🏻 proper tekkers ⚽️

Good luck to Amy R asked to self tape for a feature film #childactor ... See MoreSee Less

Well done to Ameira JW who has been asked to self tape for a TV series #childactor ... See MoreSee Less

Can any of our 9 - 11 year old kids who parents work for the NHS? Please comment below and what you do ASAP. #Thanks #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less


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Harlows 8 1/2?? I'm an Accident and emergency nurse xx

Seren Davis age 10 dad is NHS he is a medical records officer

I am a doctor in the NHS (Ben Cunningham’s mum)

Although Sophie is 12 I work as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit

Yes Sohana Jhanji’s dad

Adelle Kindon x

Hayley Cross Lucy Wood x

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Our Jamarl L for the BBC ... See MoreSee Less


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Absolutely love this 😍😍😍

Love this!!

One more clip of Deen M who stared in BBC Doctors last week #childactor #kidsagent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Another clip of Deen M who stared last week in BBC Doctors #childactor #agent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Our Deen M who stared in BBC Doctors last week. See clips of his great acting. #childactor #agent #bbcdoctors #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Let’s Signature the lockdown with Scarlett A who has been perfecting her hand stands ❤️ #letssignaturethelockdown #kidsagent #teamsignature ... See MoreSee Less

Let’s Signature the lockdown with Scarlett A who has been perfecting her hand stands ❤️ #letssignaturethelockdown #kidsagent #teamsignature

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